Universal Electronics, a full service partner

Whether you need a turn-key solution or just manufacturing, UEI has a complete range of solutions

Complete End-To-End Solutions

The home entertainment environment is becoming more and more complex, with new home entertainment devices and content being introduced all the time. At Universal Electronics, we are turning the complex into a simple reality with robust  end-to-end solutions that allow you to connect to any device and interact with any content, anywhere in your home.

Design and User Experience

Universal Electronics combines user research with classic industrial design principles to create an exceptional user experience. 

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In Nov. 2010, UEI acquired CG Development Limited that included two manufacturing facilities located in Panyu (1992) and Yangzhou (2004) China with over 150 engineering professionals focused on remote controls offering fast, flexible, and cost effective development and manufacturing.

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Outsourced Call Center Services

Universal Electronics professional call center services for North America can provide outsourcing for your call center for overflow, outbound calling, and billing support. UEI's Technical Support Services based in Twinsburg, OH, provides outbound and inbound call services for subscription broadcasters throughout North America.

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Our Technology

IR, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Voice, Pointing, Gesture; software and hardware  - Universal Electronics fits the right technology to the user experience.