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Detailed Description

Key Features

  • Up to 18 keys
  • Short and small form factor
  • Discrete Up, Down, Left, Right keys,
  • 2 x AAA battery

Phobos (10S1-18) is a short and small form factor remote control. It can support up to 18 keys with various inserts and inlay options. The whole top case consists out of one inlay. It can be used for AV equipment such as DVD player and Audio Amplifiers.


Number of Keys:18~1 (inlay)
Batteries:2 x AAA, 3 Volts
IR Support:1 IR LED
IR Range:8m @ 0 degrees
5m @ +/-15 degrees
RF Support: No
Materials:Top Case: ABS
Bottom Case and Battery Door: ABS
Keypad: Silicon compression molded
Navigation Island: Discrete Up, Down, Left, Right silicon compression molded keys
 Dimensions:110 x 52 x 19.7 mm
Typical Application:Audio System, DVD